And what it is not –

  • inaction
  • boring
  • nothingness

And what it is –

And how our lives are defined by a lack of it.

We have
puppy souls –

with access to inconceivable amounts of information –

Donald Trump’s hand size ranks in the 15th percentile for American men.*

*Washington Post,  “Yes, Donald Trump’s hands are actually pretty small”
August 5, 2016

– so it’s no surprise people get distracted.

Where were we?

Oh yes. Presence.

Presence is an opportunity.

And it’s being capitalized on today.

Our phones.
Our cars.
Our homes.

These can automatically sense our situations and adapt accordingly.

But this revolution requires a lot of legwork to get right.

We must design our objects and experiences to create room for presence.

We must strive to get rid of the distraction...

...not the delight.

We must strive to get the essentials right, first.

We must strive for empathetic understanding of every user.

Can we design a future in which our best-loved objects work together in harmony to foster a sense of focused awareness?

What’s the trick?

You cannot create experiences that foster presence without being present yourself.

So sit down.

Start thinking.

And be present.