It adds meaning.

It evokes emotion.

It builds awareness.

It creates focus.

It sets a tone.

Without saying a word.

In fact, visuals are processed
60,000× faster than text.




(You see what we mean?)

That's a powerful
first impression.

And, if you get it right,
it can make quite an impact

Coca-Cola #e4242e
FedEx #4d148c
T-Mobile #e11075
Tiffany & Co #85d0ca
Starbucks #00714a

But, with great power,
comes great responsibility.

Take it from a classic color expert:

“Color is only beautiful
when it means something.”

Robert Henri, American Painter

Color matters.

And so does how you use it.

It creates chaos.

Or solves it.

Delete Everything?

It can be misused. corrected.

Still not sure why
color matters?

Would you hit the
brakes for this?

So you see, color
gives meaning.

Use it wisely.

Color with purpose .