You’re human.
Show it.

Branding is now

But in order to have a conversation,
you have to speak the language.


Now more than ever, people are looking for a human touch.

Younger generations value authenticity more than content.

What does it mean for a brand to be human?


Because a conversation that’s one-sided

Start with understanding.

Get personal with your audience.

Ask what they like,

what they don’t like,

what they need,

what they really care about.

Walk in their shoes before you polish your own.

Then do another thing robots can’t do — be introspective.

Ask yourself,

What does your brand care about?

Don’t be afraid to tell them —

Once you get to know everyone, let the conversation flow.

If you’re supporting a cause you care about — share it.

“Patagonia supports a transition toward lower-impact energy and water sources that, combined with conservation and increased efficiencies, cause less harm to ecosystems, communities, and cultures.”

If you made a mistake — own it.

“You can either use negative comments to get you down, or you can use them to excite you and energize your process.”

If you’re brainstorming in a sea of sticky notes — shine the light on it.

“Design can decorate ideas— A design process can discover ideas.”

Show them you understand their needs.

Show them you’re a real person at work.

Show them you’re there to help.

Show them what you stand for.

Show you’re human and humans will respond.

Call us.

Call us.

a two-way

(43% more)

isn’t a conversation at all.

“If my brand were a person, how would a friend describe them?”

Does it align with what your audience cares about?

75% of the younger generation care whether or not a company gives back.