Like when Lego took the
time to keep the magic
alive for a little boy rather
than just sending him
a replacement action figure.

You’re swell.
Prove it.

“To win with today’s savvy
consumers, you have to
build your differentiation
trust and values.”

— Allen Adamson, Forbes

In an age when the truth
is at everyone’s fingertips,
authenticity is key.

And little things go a long way.

And then there’s the time
Trader Joe’s delivered free
groceries to an elderly man
during a snowstorm.

Sometimes authenticity
means turning everyday
purchases into heroic acts.

87% of global consumers
believe companies should
place at least equal weight
on society’s interests as on
business interests.”

— Allen Adamson, Forbes

Just look at TOMS, and their
One for One® model. They
donate one pair of shoes for
every pair sold.

And now when people
purchase TOMS eyewear, they’re
giving the gift of sight to
those in need.

(Over 400,000 people to be exact.)

Or CVS, who sacrificed
revenue for public health by
removing tobacco products
from their shelves in 2014.

Good will makes waves.

When you treat people well,

they think you’re...



Be swell.

It’s not just good for business.

It’s good for everyone.